The training field for entrepreneurs 
who want to make big deals on the market

The training field for entrepreneurs 
who want to make big deals on the market

If you’ve got here, perhaps it’s because your mind is so full of thoughts at night that you can’t sleep. And usually, the last thought is: why did I become an entrepreneur?
The world of business is hell, and you feel rather alone in this hell.
The first thing is absolutely true, we’re afraid.

The second, not necessarily.  We, for example, have set ourselves a target: to guide entrepreneurs out of the ordinary in order to conquer the market. And to do it with the most powerful tool we humans have: dialogue. We could be just what you need, and you could be just what we’re here for. But before finding out, we had better clarify a couple of things.



This is not a field for everyone

An enthusiast, who never stays still, up to his neck in mud. And yet silent and responsible. We like to define him: an entrepreneur with garra. Do you know what it is? In South America, it's what they call the footballers who never give up, those who - more than the others, better than the others - score a goal at the last minute and change the result. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you are like that. Really, it's not just rhetoric. You have only one weapon with which to keep ahead: to move your butt right up to the last yard. 


We have no certainties,
nor should you expect them

If you're expecting tried and tested methods, assured success in a specific number of steps… you won’t find them here. And let us say this, maybe you should change your job: the entrepreneur challenges fate every day, he can't allow himself the luxury of certainties – and in fact, you won’t get them from us. But don't worry: you have no idea yet of how effective a route constructed together day by day can be, at a precise speed. Yours.


It doesn’t matter what you know,
but what you know you don’t know

Our only certainty is that there are no certainties on the market. It's a strange animal, the market. A monster too complex to think you can take it directly by the horns and dominate it alone. This is why we put into the field many different skills, from biology to story-telling: to observe the reality through many different lenses and to prepare the best tactics possible. This is why our mentality is ready to change every day. With the humility of the person who knows that certainty, the strongest certainty, has not yet been achieved.


Don’t expect marks,
the only judge is the market

We prepare for the battle together, without limiting ourselves to blackboard strategies, but going out there to put them into practice seriously. Only direct experience on the market will you make you understand where you can arrive, and make you dream where you will arrive. 


Don’t leave the field without making at least one sacrifice  

This is what having a strategy means: being able to make difficult choices.  We will add nothing to what you are already, but we’ll give you a hand to understand what you don't need. And to find the courage to leave them behind you. It could be a product line or a cumbersome family business. An obsolete paradigm, a weak positioning, the wrong story that you’ve been telling for too long. It will be a difficult choice, certainly. But necessary, we promise.


Don’t be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid to hear others say no to you

With us, ideas are circulated freely and with sincerity, cultivating the noble art of disagreeing: one “no” at the right moment is more powerful than a hundred if they’re due to lack of courage. We aren’t afraid of the truth, even when – above all when – it is awkward: the market makes no allowances for liars.


Lone wolves don't exist here

Your enemies have a very precise position: off the field. On the field, instead, consider us all your allies: mentors, advisors, or other entrepreneurs with whom to train. You will do well to trust every one of them: have you ever seen anyone win a war on their own?


We have no time to lose. And nor have you

Money can always increase. But do you know want can’t? Time. So if you’re willing to spend more sleepless nights – but this time because you’re too busy to move your butt – welcome to Pars Construens. Otherwise, don’t waste time, yours and ours. And leave room for those who really do want to get ahead.

A playing field needs rules and participants, sure, but also instructors. We like to call ourselves mentors because we think it makes an important concept clearer: if you are the hero of this story, what you have to do is run faster than everyone else.

On this playing field, you could find yourself studying how to make money with an expert in finance and investment, but also understanding market selection with a biologist (and who better than him!) or re-writing your internal communications with a cinema professional (you have no idea how closely the two things are linked). You could find yourself talking with an anthropologist to understand what on earth your customers want, with a philosopher to find out the reason for being on the market, or with a growth, hacker to plan your next coup. We are a multiform team of mentors, to prepare you to go down all the roads possible on the market that's waiting for you out there.


If you have come this far and you don’t go weak at the knees... well! Let's find out if we can make a big deal on the market together.